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Would You Like To Learn Some Top Strategies For Boosting Sales And Positioning Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche?

Knowledge is gold and to be successful, you need knowledge, read on....

Table of Contents:
Introduction ............................................5
Know Your Audience ..............................9
Be Where Your Audience Is ...................17
Identify Pain Points ...............................21
Share-Worthy Content ...........................24
Join ProfNet or HARO ...........................29
Create an Authority Blog .......................34
Create Webinars & Training ..................38
Create an Online Course .......................42
Resources ...........................................48

Sample Of The Content Inside Authority Marketing:


If you want to increase your sales and expand your outreach, you need to position yourself as an authority in your market.

An authority can:
• Persuade visitors into becoming lifelong customers.
• Easily convert traffic into buyers.
• Maximize their income quickly.
• Expand into new markets easily.
• Build a brand and audience in any market.

The first step in your journey to positioning yourself as an authority in your niche is to ask yourself two important questions:
• Who are you?
• What do you have to offer?

Seems like two rather easy questions, right?

Yet answering them carefully and thoughtfully will go the distance in helping you find the best entry point into your niche so you can truly connect with your target audience.

Because ultimately, all people are about is “what is in it for them?”

They need to know how you plan to help them, what you bring to the table and how you will solve their problems.

Authority marketing is about positioning your business in a way that you become the logical choice when someone is making the decision who to turn to for help, advice, products or services.

Your goal is to become the go-to person in your niche, or at the =very least, one of the first names that come to mind when someone thinks about who to turn to for help with specific topics.

Note that I didn’t say “specific markets or niches”, I said topic.

That’s because it’s always best to position yourself so that people identify you as an authority on a very specific topic or category rather than....

End Of Sample Texts:

You’ll also be getting a high converting squeeze page that you can use to build your list!

You’ll also be getting 7 done-for-you PLR follow-up emails that you can pop into your Autoresponder and start sending to your new subscribers immediately after they join your email list!

Sample of these Authority Marketing "follow-up" Autoresponder Messages:

Subject: Becoming an Authority in your Niche


We're talking about authority marketing this week:
how to sell more of anything as an expert in your niche.

And one of the best things you can do to position
yourself at the top of your market is to learn as much
as possible about your competition, as well as what's
selling in your niche and what your customer base wants
most from you.

How do you do this?  Read & research, of course!

Start by reading the top three to five best-selling
books within your market.

Top selling books are one of the easiest ways to not
only see how someone is presenting information to your
audience, but what might be missing that you could include
in your own products or services.

Analyze every component of their campaigns, launches and
how they've positioned their product.

In addition, focus on studying the following:

* What style of writing (as well as writing voice) are
they using? This will help you determine what resonates
with that particular audience.

* What formats are they offering? (books, video, etc.)

* How are they marketing this book work so well that it's a

* How are they connecting with their audience? What social
media platforms are they on?

* What solution are they offering?

* What is their USP? How are they standing out from the

* How could you expand on, or improve with your own

Also, when using Amazon as a platform for researching
potential niches, make sure that you keep a look out
for the actual best-sellers ranking as this will help
you quickly identify the most popular books in any given
genre corniche.

You'll find this by scrolling down until you see the
Product Details section.  This is where you typically
find things like the book size, page count, etc.

In that section, you'll find a section indicating
Best Sellers Rank (BSR) which will help you pinpoint
just how well the product is ranking.

Go to the Best Selling Products page and click on the
broad category you'd like to check (in this case, Books).

Then, just start searching sub-genres until you get to
the specific category you're interested in. It will take
a bit of work, but you'll be able to create a snapshot
of the top-selling books written by authorities in your
market, which will ultimately help you figure out what
is selling and what your next move should be. :)

You can also do a Google search for best-selling books
where X is the specific niche you're after.

You do want to be very specific here. After all, there
are likely literally thousands of books that have been
written on your chosen topic or niche. You want to narrow
down so you can focus only on the bestsellers.

You don't have to limit yourself to just three to five books
either, but if you're short on time you should at least try
to review the top 3-4 in your market.

Once you've finished reading, look up those experts and start
networking. Follow their posts and social media platforms.

Start commenting and linking back to their material. If you
work towards getting on their radar, you'll open yourself up
to many networking opportunities, so begin by building your
presence and always keep a look out for ways to get their

In our next email, we'll talk about narrowing your topic
down until you've got the best one for your area of expertise.

Until then,


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