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Our Discount Coupons are generally sent out via our email system and each of our discount coupons is identified by a unique coupon number and you will be able to make a purchase at a discounted price.

The coupons have a valid starting date and an expiry date where these coupons can only be used during these dates and will expire after the expiry date.

The value of the applicable discount is listed on the coupon.

There is a limit of one coupon per household and the coupons are intended for single use only.

These coupons are Only redeemable on our website here and not any sites linked to our website or affiliates.

In the case of a multi-item purchase order, the value of the coupon will be applied to all products in the shopping cart, excluding shipping, other charges and taxes.

Certain items may not be eligible for discount. This includes some new items which, by law, cannot be sold at a discount in certain countries.

A coupon cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping and handling or other charges.

If your coupon has some minimum purchase requirements, then taxes, shipping and handling and other charges do not apply towards the minimum purchase amount of your product/s.

Only One coupon may be used for any one purchase, whether single or multi-items.

Coupons can only be used for purchases on our website and may Not be redeemed for the discount price in cash.

The discount coupons are redeemed as you pass through the checkout system and once you have entered the valid coupon number correctly and press the Enter key, it will be checked for validity, and if it is valid and not restricted against what's in your cart, a Success message will show on the screen, and your order Total will be adjusted appropriately.

If you wish to remove a coupon, then you can enter a different coupon code, or you can type "REMOVE", and press the Enter on your keyboard.

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