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Table of Contents:
The Truth About Doomscrolling ............................. 7
How Doomscrolling Impacts Our Lives .................. 10
How to Break the Habit .......................................  26
Final Words ........................................................ 32
Resources .......................................................... 34

Sample Of The Content Inside Doom Scrolling:


Many of us are familiar with this routine.

You log onto your favorite social media platform and check the COVID-19 reports, then move on to the state of the economy, and climate change, finally ending with the latest debacle created by that politician who pushes all your buttons.

Let’s not forget the latest school shootings and the gun control debate, the healthcare chaos, and the attacks on democracy.

And that’s just the local news.

What about the Middle Eastern wars, Russian cyber-attacks, and Australian wildfires?

There seems to be no end to the catastrophic news scrolling across our screen.

Bad news has always been around, of course.

But why is it having such an impact on our mental health lately—and what can we do about it?

Let’s take a good, hard look at the practice of doomscrolling (otherwise called doomsurfing), how it may be impacting your mental health, and what you can do to replace this negative habit with positive, fulfilling ones that improve the quality of your life.

Let’s begin!

The Truth About Doomscrolling

Doomscrolling is the obsessive intake of bad news, even when it creates anxiety and worry.

Despite knowing how it makes you feel, you just can’t seem to stop yourself from consuming this toxic information.

Finance reporter Karen Ho originally discovered the term on Twitter, and it turns out that there are good reasons why we are.....

End Of Sample Texts:

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 Sample of these Doom Scrolling "follow-up" Autoresponder Messages:

Subject: Break the Doomscrolling Morning Habit

Hi there!

Many people start their days so it goes something like this:

Your phone alarm wakes you up from a not-so-restful sleep. As long
as you've got that phone in your hand, you start scrolling through
your email and social media accounts.

The pandemic isn't going anywhere. The economy seems hopeless. The
political situation is sheer chaos.

And maybe there's an international disaster looming or occurring on
top of all that.

In other words, bad news and more bad news.

Instead of starting your day off on a positive note, you're already
stressed out before you even brush your teeth and comb your hair!

You might even get sucked into the swamp of negative information and
lose track of time, running the risk of making yourself late and then
feeling even more stressed out.

This is doomscrolling at its worse, and you've got to make a
conscious effort to combat the unhealthy habit.

Take control of your life again and stop the mindless scrolling
and surfing on your phone.

One simple fix is to stop using your phone as your alarm.

Dr. Amiti Nerurkar, a Harvard physician, emphasizes the importance
of working with your biology, not against it.

What that means in this situation is that it's become a habit to
turn off your alarm and turn on the bad news.

Replacing your phone with an old-fashioned alarm clock will
interrupt that cycle and force you to think of something else
in the mornings.

Utilize the downtime function on your phone to lock out
certain apps and the internet before 9:00 am (or whatever time
you need to report to work).

Use apps or blockers that make it harder for you to get online
and start scrolling on your phone in the mornings.

Just making it harder to find the negative information will
help start your mornings off on a better note, and you'll soon
be well on your way to a happier outlook.

Another tip is to log out of social media accounts that require
you to manually enter your password to enter the platform.

Doing this one simple step will help to eliminate the time
you spend scrolling social media every few minutes.

Use your mornings to do something positive for yourself: meditate,
exercise, enjoy a peaceful breakfast, check before you check in on
the news.

This is a great first step toward breaking the whole doomscrolling
habit, and, instead of dreading the sound of your alarm, you can
start looking forward to some time in the mornings.

In our next email, we'll talk about breaking the doomscrolling habit
on your phone during the rest of the day.

Until then,

[Your Name Here]

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