Thank-you for visiting, and here you find a list of Safelists and Blasters who after our testing oe evaluation, have been found to either Send Members Emails or Do Not Send members emails as they advertise.... 

If you like the Information here then 'Bookmark' this page for future reference.... 

Also WARN ALL Of Your Friends and Downlines about these Safelists & Blasters, after all, you want them to be successful as if they make money, you make money!! 

Let's spread the Word Worldwide and finally help others to get results from their advertising.... 

My testing involved using a url tracker and using my best advert for the free classifieds which I currently use and gets me new members to the site... 

I submitted the advert once a day for 5 days using the same tracker url in a group of blasters to make it easy. Then if there are any click thru's, to isolate the ones getting results, I repeated the process but this time using Individual Tracking url's to sift out the one's that get hits and those that don't... 

But with the individual safelists I used a unique tracker link for each, and still tracked them over another 5 days posting at a minimum of 1 advert per day... 

So at the time of testing listed below are the results but as always, I would suggest that you also keep an eye on your safelists to ensure that they in fact do send your email adverts and the members emails also... 

Be wary of Any Safelist site that offers you Free Safelist Hosting as the server costs for safelists that Do Send Members emails is expensive, No-One could give you the opportunity to operate your own safelist at no-cost, thats impossible and i am 100% certain that you would be operating a No Email Sending Safelist. And also joining any safelist by that business would also be a waste of time as they would not be sending members emails. 

If you are wondering Why a Webmaster would put up a Fake Safelist in the first place, well here is a simple explanation. You all would have heard by now the word "List" being large Optin Mailing List. 

Because the running of a Real Emailing Safelist Costs Money, and the more members of the safelist has, the more emails sent daily and so the more the costs. 

So the webmaster Has To Be making money from the safelist members to cover the costs and to All Importantly, Make a profit. Many of course don't and that's why you see so many new ones close after a short period of time. 

And here is the solution, you start a Fake Safelist that Does Not Send Emails and so the costs of each safelist is Minimal and cheap. You make the site Look Like a Real Safelist even making reference to sending members emails and keeping your mailbox clean etc, etc.. 

But advertising some-thing or a service which it is clearly Not is an Offence and you can be prosecuted, but people who do this sort of deception are clearly not worried about that until they are actually Prosecuted, then they scream... 

Now here is where they make good money, they have the perfect Optin Emailing List as members who have joined have agreed to accept Admin Emails (SOLO'S Ads) and they use your Contact Email address to send you these Paid Solo Ads. 

These are likely to be the Only Emails that you will receive from these Fake Safelist Sites. But in most cases you Will Get Responses from these Solo Ads as they do send them out, but you will Pay Good Money for them. 

So that's about it in a nutshell, members of these safelists are there for One Reason and One Reason only, to be the recipients of the sites Paid Solo Adverts and make the owners more wealthy at our expense.. 

Also Most of the Free Blasters that you see work on a similar principal, except they mostly use Popup or Popunder windows to make money from. They operate Paid Visitor Sites and when you order say 10,000 page views, then these Fake Free Blasters provide the traffic to display your paid traffic webiste to, but with so many tools for blocking popups these days, your hit rate will be very low from this form of advertising... 

Any-way I hope that this helps you understand a little more on how and why these Fake Safelists and Blaster operate and how they make money from the unsuspecting public. 

But if you should find that if any of these listed as either senders or non senders and they are shown in the wrong section, then feel welcome to let me know that their status has now changed and I will retest them again in the near future.... 

Also remember to use our Scams Forum or Any Other Scams Related forums and have the backbone to Report These Scamsters so All The Public is made aware of them, and hopefully save them losing their money..... 
Click Here For Our Scams Forum.

Note, all copyrights and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners and this website and employees does not claim any ownership of any said listed here.


Only when people Stand Together can we have these Internet Scamsters dealt with by the Laws and have them Stopped and Prosecuted.... 

If you have been Scammed by any person then you can do some-thing and eventually have these people prosecuted... 

1) If you made your payment to PayPal then Lodge a Complaint with them or who-ever the Payment Provider was, as the more complaints that they get, the more that they will be forced to act and investigate the person who has NOT Supplied the Product Or Service as They Have Advertised... (ie. not sending emails when they advertise that they do!)  as profiting from False or Misleading advertising is a criminal offence... 

2)  You NEED TO REPORT The Fraud to the Federal Police, and once enough complaints are received by them about a criminals activity, they will act and investigate them. But many people need to act and file complaints, because if no-one files a report, then the criminal goes unoticed by the authorities. 

So don't just sit there complaining, get off your rear end and take the time to File A Report... 

For Criminals in the United States, you can file a report at the IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center)  This is operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. 

Also for United States Complaints of Fraud, you can file a report at here:

U.S Federal Trade Commission 
Website::  &
Phone::  toll free hotline:   877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357) Made Easy -

Australian Consumer Affairs Department:

Australian Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman:

FIDO Australian Securities & Investments Commission

So Make A Stand against Internet Crimes, do some-thing now, and help to put a stop to these Fraudulent Scamsters!!! 

Plus if you Have Been Scammed, Please, Please post the details of it at our Scams Forum so that others can be Warned and Possibly Saved from following you and Losing your Money etc... 
Click Here For The Scams Forum. Become a part of the Decent Internet Community today... 

For other countries, I will add these as I locate the appropriate government reporting center. 


Scams and Hoaxes. Fraud Warnings. Virus Attacks.
Here is an excellent website that has it all. The latest Internet Scams, Hoaxes and more...


Detecting fake safelists is generally quite simple and here is some simple advice on determining a fake safelist. 

Generally if some-thing looks tooooo gooood to be true then it generally always is, follow what your intuition is telling you, be suspicious and ask questions of the owners. 

A quick way to see if there are any current scam alerts on a business, safelist or blaster is to do search on say google and enter the business name or blaster name etc and see what it returns. You could also add the word "scam" to your search text. This method is not 100% as the site or business may be brand new and no complaints lodged yet, but is just another tool that you should use regularly and could save your money from scamsters. 

Safelists that boast that they send to Millions and the more Millions that they spout that they send to makes them even more unbelievable and more certain that they are fakes. 

Always check a safelists main business website for details on the safelists hosted on their servers for any hint that they are fakes, like if a safelist business is advertising that they will host your safelist for Free (No Charges Ever etc) then you can be 100% certain that their safelists on their servers are fakes and dont send members emails, as its expensive to operate real email sending safelists. 

Be aware that some levels joined at certain safelists as in Platinum etc you do Not receive emails for that membership level so you will not be able to determine that they send emails, so you would need to join as a anonimous free member to see if your emails are being sent out plus many of the other members emails. 

If your membership level in a safelist is such that they state you will receive members emails then watch your lists email box for the emails that you send and other members emails as there should be many emails from the members and yours also and if not then you possibly have a no email sending safelist membership. 

Always use a url tracking link service with your links to see if you get any responses and just how effective the list is, as they may be sending your emails but no-one is clicking your links which may indicate that the list is not responsive or no-one is ever reading your advertisements. 

If you see safelists and blasters that boast that you can send daily or hourly etc to millions for a once off and some-times monthly or yearly fees then be suspicious and weary as the chances of them actually sending your emails to millions is extremely low, and if they were to then you would be getting great sales. 

Should you pay for a safelist that boasts that they send to Millions and if they did then you would expect to be getting many responses and sales from their advertising, and if you dont then you have clearly wasted your money on a No Email Sending list. 

I personally dont believe that there would be Any safelist on the net that has more than 20 thousand members or optin-members, and those with mailing lists of a Million, 10 million, 100 million and more are also just a fantasy in the owners minds and to make them wealthy at our expense. 

These are just some simple ideas to assist you in detecting a bad safelist but always be wary and suspicious of safelists that make outrageous claims, it could save your hard earned money. 


So your are thinking of Leasing your own safelist from a Safelist Hosting Company. Well here are just a few tips for before and after you Pay For Your Safelist.. 

Also Remember that if you do Lease/Rent a safelist, you are also Legally Responsible for it, and if you advertise that it send members emails when it doesn't then you are breaking the advertising laws and Can Be Prosecuted... 

1)  Before you make a payment, send the owner an email and ask whether their safelists actually sends members emails as you will be leasing the script, you will not normally have access to them. 

2)  If you do lease a safelist then Check it out. Sign yourself up twice as a Free Member then from one of the accounts, send an email. If the safelist sends emails directly then you should receive it promptly but some scripts are designed to save them then send them at designated times so wait 24hrs and you should receive it...  if not try again and wait 24hrs etc etc and if No message is received then you have a dud No Email Sending safelist... 

The best way to test your adverts response or if you cannot verify if a paid service is actually sending your messages, then here is a Free URL Tracking service that will cure that problem. You simply add your url to their tracker and then you use the tracker url in your adverts in place of your original url that you want to track.... simple but effective and you can see what clicks you get for your advert....

Here is a Free to Use URL Redirection Service similar to Tiny URL. So if you want to use URL Redirection and don't want to pay, here are some for your reference, but read their terms and in particular about spam complaints...

Last Updated:  16th May 2018


Hello and today I have cleaned out the old files which it's amazing how fast time flicks by as they were acnient and not relivant for today.

Should you find a safelist that is not doing as they advertise then I would like to know about them so feel welcome to let me know and I will have a look at them, and they may win a place here.


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Scams and Hoaxes. Fraud Warnings. Virus Attacks.
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If you would like to tell us of any other blasters or hosts that either Do Or Do Not send their members emails as they Advertise, then send us the link and we will have a look and if we can verify your claim, then we will list them here for our customers reference...

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