Due to the lack of interest in this resource, or limited internet coverage of this forum and website for the last 5 to 10 years or more, i have decided to close it down. This forum may return in the future if the need arises, but at the moment, it's closed.

Thanks to all those in the past who did use and gained valuable free advertising and alerted many people of the scamsters that were active..

There are now many much better SCAM Reporting websites out there and so will leave it to them to warn people about these internet scum bags. See below for a couple:

Protecting yourself from scams -

Scamwatch (Australia) -

USA Report Scams -

USA - Federal Trade Commission -

I am enjoying my retirement but may start selling some software that i have been working on the the past 20 years but never finished. So if time allows me from enjoying Fishing and Holidays away, I will finish some of them off and offer them cheaply to you all.

ALSO Remember, if you are planning on spending money on online affiliate business's to make money, DON'T waste your money, the ONLY people making money are the criminals running them.

Any-way thanks again and stay safe from this evil covid-19 virus and good luck to you all for the future in 2021.

Kind Regards
Rodney  -  Admin - CEO