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Last Updated:  14th May 2018
Due to the age of most of the data on this page I have removed it in readiness for some newer alerts to be posted as soon as I am able to. The resources here are available for your use if you have been ripped off by scam artists, and good luck. And thank-you to all those who sent in their good wishes on my retirement, thankfully no more business worries for the last two years so it's been fantastic. Take care all and have a good life.

Thank-you for visiting, and we have now decided to add this Bad Business Warnings page to ALERT The Public of Affiliate And MLM Business's that have been seen to be Not Being Totally honest with their members.... 

This page exposes those business's who think that they can do whatever that they want in their quest to become wealthy, and warns you of their actions. The owners of these business's are welcome to contact us with their side of the story and we will investigate what they have to say.... 

We hope that as this Warnings Page gets more and more visitors, then the owners of the suspect Business's will clean their acts up and treat their Members with more respect..... We can only hope that Honest Business Ethics will prevail.... 

Also if you are unfortunate enough to be ripped off on the internet and the person who has done this to you lives in the United States then you can do some-thing. 

Have you had a phone call from a "Microsoft Service Center" or any other service center or ISP(Internet Service Provider) claiming that there is some-thing wrong with your computer or it's running slow or got virus's on it? 

These people are experts at conning people out of hundreds of dollars to have their computers fixed by allowing them access from the internet to scan your computer. 

These people are CRIMINALS and if you have had one of these calls and paid them then you Have Been Scammed. 

If you have not been called then be watchful for a phone call and they will tell you that they are not selling any-thing etc but you have problems with your computer, then when you do simply tell them "You Don't Have A Computer" and they will promptly hang up or if they are really good, they will persist so just Hang Up, and don't be a fool and give any-one your credit card info, no-one... 

I am amazed as this scam has been going for years now and nieve people mainly pensioners are being caught by these Indian Criminals, it's really sad and shows what a stuffed world this is... 

If you have been scammed then report it to your local Police and have your credit card cancelled and see your bank about getting your money back etc. 

To read more use these links:

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You can file a report at the following websites giving them the full details of the scam and they will look into it for you, I can guarantee that.... 

Internet Crime Complaint Center  -

National Consumers League's Fraud Center  - Made Easy -

U.S Federal Trade Commission
Website::  & 
Phone::  toll free hotline:   877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357) 

Australian Consumer Affairs Department:

Australian Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman:

FIDO Australian Securities & Investments Commission


Fraud Prevention Checklist

US DOJ : Identity Theft and Identity Fraud

Guide to Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

Consumer Reports' 9 Steps to Protect Against Credit Card Fraud

Avoid and Report Medicare Fraud



Scams and Hoaxes. Fraud Warnings. Virus Attacks.
Here is an excellent website that has it all. The latest Internet Scams, Hoaxes and more...

I have now opened a New Scams And Business Forum where the public can read or post new business Scams to hopefully warn others... 

So if you know of a Bad Business or have been scammed, then I would like to invite you to post a message about it at the forum located here:


CRUEL Pig Farmers
Dated - 24th April 2016
Located at: - Click Here
Keep cruel, intensive pig farming out of Harden, Australia. Click the link above and watch the video and see just how CRUEL this business is to their farm pigs, i was and still am absolutely sick in the stomach at what these owners are doing to thier animals... You will be sick also and sign the petition, ring their council, contact the government any-thing will help...

Easy Clickbank Store

Dated - 19th March 2015
Located at: owned by Jeff Penchoff

Well a couple of years ago i decided I would install a clickbank script for selling clickbank's affiliates software and so came across Jeff Penchoff's "Easy Clickbank Store" php script and was around $7.00 so i purchased it. Some time in the future around 12 months it stopped operating and also I had had zero (0) sales with the script so I contacted Jeff. His reply was that clickbank had changed things on their website and when he corrected the script I would receive a copy. Well months went by and no copy of the script and so I contacted him again and he said he had decided to cease developing the script, so that was that.
But some 8 months later I came across an advert for a new version of his clickbank store script so I just bought it again to save stuffing around. Again i installed the new script and it appeared to be working so i left the script to do its work but a year later still Zero (0) sales from it and in checking the script it was again not working. So I have now made two support tickets for his support with No Answer. His website above has now expired on 03/17/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion and so is currently parked. Lovely guy and is obviously happy to take our money and give nothing back in return, so be warned about how Mr Jeff Pencoff operates his business's.

Also if you need to contact jeff you may do so at another of his websites

Global Netrepreneur

Dated - 11th December 2012
Located at:

Well here is another business that we strongly believe is associated with Mathew Wells so please check this out before wasting any money or time there..

Biz Power Marketing System

Dated - 11th December 2012
Located at:

Well here is another business that we strongly believe is associated with Mathew Wells so please check this out before wasting any money or time there..


Dated - 2nd October 2012
Located at:

Well here is another business that we strongly believe is associated with Mathew Wells so please check this out before wasting any money or time there.. 

CROCMINT - Mathew Wells

Dated - 11th  September 2012
Located at:

Well here is another of Mathew Wells business ventures, so i don't need to tell you about this person so keep your money in your pockets, I don't recommend it... 

TEXT CA$H NETWORK (T.C.N.) - Mathew Wells

Dated - 13th  November 2011
Located at: and

Well here is another of Mathew Wells business ventures, so i don't need to tell you about this person so keep your money in your pockets... 

Partner With Paul - rebirth > Pauls Opportunity

Dated - 22nd April 2011  **updated
Located at: and

I have been notified recently that there is some-thing not quite right about the business "Pauls Opportunity" so after investigation via google, i find many people reporting this as not right also. Here is some good comments on this program, click here

Please Note that this is Not the Paul Myers of the Warrior Forum. 

And on investigating, guess what? I found another earlier version of "Pauls Opportunity" called "Partner With Paul" located at 

Just compare the text of "Pauls Opportunity" with "Partner With Paul" and it's almost identical, just a change of program names. 

We have No Hard Evidence of Paul doing the wrong thing but just want people to be aware and cautious about the rebirth of another program to create what looks like is a new program. 

Read Some Reviews: 
Click Here Review 1, Click Here Review 1 , Click Here For Google Search

So please be careful and read as many reviews as you can and make up your own mind on whether to get involved or not. 

Digitalex Check(Cheque) Scam

Dated - 14th January 2009

Criminals are sending out bogus checks(cheques) for thousands of dollars using the Digitalex Business Name Illegally so if you receive one of these then take it to your local police station and make a report. 

Also it would be conceivable that these scamsters would also use other legitimate business names in an attempt to add some sort of legitimacy to these fake checks(cheques) so be wary if you receive a check(cheque) in the mail for no reason or for reasons that you know of. 

I have searched google and found others also reporting this as a scam, you can read their comments Click Here: or go to your search engine and enter "digitalex check scam" as the search text. 

Here is what was reported to me by peter:: 

Quote: I was involved in a check scam which I could have been out 3480 dollars but thanks to my son they only got me for 1500 dollars which I thought was for my pay. Please help me if you can. End Quote. 

So be very very careful of this scam or any check(cheque) that you receive in the mail etc. 

Cashblaster Pro - Web 2.0 Upgrade
This is being reported as a scam so we will investigate this further but the info that i have on file Definately Leaves no doubt that you should steer well clear of this one. 

Cashblaster Pro - Web 2.0 Upgrade

Located At:

Dated - 12th June 2008

This is being reported as a scam so we will investigate this further but the info that i have on file Definately Leaves no doubt that you should steer well clear of this one. I will update this further as i obtain further info. 

World Largest Business

Located At:, ,

Dated - 3rd July 2007
Updated - 15th January 2009

The Home Income Portal has been around for some years now and was originally started under the name of The Worlds Largest Business Franchise and it's main platform was A Huge Paypal Safelist.

Back then i also was a fool who paid around $45 per month to own one of these franchises, and i believed then as many thousands of others that this was the ultimate business venture, but after months of advertising and paying out my monthly fee, no sales were forthcoming..

So i cancelled my franchise in disgust...  Then many months later i again thought that i would try it again as i had a lot more advertising resources.  Also they introduced franchises safelists where-by the franchise owners could create unlimited safelists, which is some-thing i have always wanted to do, so i created 10 new safelists...

But then for some reason i decided to test these safelists, as i am a suspicious person, and to my amazement, they were all duds, that is, they were NOT sending any emails..

So this was clearly a scam part of their business and the franchise owners were unknowingly being a part of their scam business... So again i cancelled my subscription with them..

But i have had many people contacting me about them that i have decided it's time to warn as many people as i can about this fake business in an attempt to stop others from wasting their money on this also...

So be warned about the Home Business Portal, you may find as i and many others, you will be wasting your hard earned cash by subscribing to this business....


Located At: , and

Dated - 23rd March 2004

As I am a firm believer in Honesty and Truth in both Business and Life I have been disturbed seriously by a Safelist Suppliers moves to change the face of safelist advertising... 

For those unfamiliar with safelist advertising, it is simply a group of people who join a Safelist as Opt-in Members who agree as part of their membership to receive emails from both the Admin and all members with no spam complaints, plus be able to send your own messages via The Email System. 

With that in mind, two weeks ago I adopted over two safelists with and set about redesigning their layout etc. 

But then i decided to test them out so I joined the lists as a member and posted some adverts. Then I watched my safelist junk email box for their arrival.  And after 30 minutes, no emails, so I sent another and still no emails arrived... 

So I contacted Listbanks Safelist Operator/Owner and pointed out that the safelists were not sending out adverts. Then after 3 email conversations with him he finally had to admit that he had modified the scripts so that they no longer sent out emails, but instead saved them to the server and can be seen when a member clicks on the "View Messages" button in their members area..... 

So after only 3 days of adopting the safelists, I cancelled out of them as I don't want to be a part of this sort of deception of the public... 

So what his safelists are now is in my opinion, a worse version of a FFA Website. 
I say worse because with a normal FFA Site, the whole world has access to view and post ads where-as with the Listbank SafelistFFA, only members can view them, but what member would willingly want to click a button and view other people adverts.... 

Would You ??

I know I wouldn't, I am too busy posting my ads and the lesser time that I am at each safelist the better, and you're possibly the same... 

Plus, those who use auto-submitters whether computer operated or web-based mass submitter will NEVER EVER see your adverts, because your adverts NEVER leave the website via The Email System. 

So you would be WASTING your time now Posting adverts to any safelist, because no-one is going to see your adverts, full stop.... 

And if you have paid for one of his safelists, well you have just wasted your money for no result... and if you are using a lot of Listbank Safelists and are not seeing much happening, then you now know the reason why.... 

Also the same Applies to - Golden State Marketing Safelists and EmassBlast, these also operate in the same was as Listbank Safelists... 

Just look in the members area for a button named "View Messages" and if it's there then that safelist no longer sends out Members emails...

I am certain that at least 90% of the people who use these safelists are under the belief that they send members adverts via the email system as the safelist functions are operating as a normal emailing safelist, and they even say 'message sent' after the posting, then to me they are very misleading... like you even have to verify your subscribe email address when no other members emails will ever be sent there??? 

And the only one's profitting from all this is Listbank, the safelists admins as they do send out email messages to the members and people who sell listbank VIP EXEC Safelist Packages, they are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense... 

So I would urge you to test out what I have said here, send a message and wait at your junk-mail box and see if it turns up, but it currently won't... 

But you decide yourself on these lists to how effective or ineffective they really are, and I would recommend to prove just how ineffective they are, use a url tracking service and then you will see exactly what I mean... 

And help spread the word about this type of Safelist-FFA and tell all your marketing friends, your downlines every-one, and you have my permission to use this email as your own if you want.... 

Update 22nd May 2004:
Apparently I have neglected to say here that members can have the other members email ads emailed to themselves if you want. All that you do is select the ones you want and click the button and they will be emailed to you... 

So do you want to send yourself other peoples adverts ???? and how many people in the list membership would send themselves junk mail ???? 

And that's exactly why using a REAL EMAIL SENDING SAFELIST Works, all members DON'T Have the option, they are sent regardless and members see them when-ever they go to their junk mailboxes, to clean them out or looking for more Free Pro Safelists to join,  just as you do.... 

Update 24th May 2004:
Well today I recieved an interesting but short email from Larry ( I won't reveal his last name here but he sells listbank safelists) any-way, I am not sure if was a threat but he wrote to tell me that <quote:> 
pretty soon you wont be able to give anything away on the Net. And in the near future you are proablly going to have ISP  problems. <end of quote> 
There was a little more but this was the most interesting part... 

Sadly these type of people appear to have control of things on the internet and he possibly will cause problems for me on the internet, but even if he does have my website closed, it will only be for a short time until things get sorted out legally and the correct people are prosecuted.... 

Truth and Justice always wins out in the very end.... 

Any-way, thanks greatly to those who have contacted me with their support and thank-you's for making them aware of how these lists were operating, it's greatly appreciated 

Every-body knows the power of Opt-in email advertising and mailing lists, that why the millionaire top marketeers use this form of advertising, because it works. 

And if you do a search at say for say 'explanation safelists' you will get listings of what a true safelist is, and they are explained as similar to this:- 
'Safelists are used to send an email advertisement to all members DAILY without being accused of SPAMMING! ... 

So what the Listbank Owner/s are doing, is changing the meaning of Safelist and turning it into a poor quality FFA Website and are doing serious damage to the reputations of those safelist operators who do send members emails, and it will last for a long time... 

If Listbank wants to run this type of FFA Website, then they should remove the word Safelist and any references to being a safelist as they are clearly not Safelists..... and give his sites a new name other than a safelist, as it will totally confuse people in the future and damage MLM and Affiliate business's for years to come..... 

I Take My Hat Off To All Of Those Hard Working Safelist Suppliers and Operators Of True Opt-in Emailing Safelists, keep up the good work and good luck!!

Located at 

Dated - 20th September 2005

A visitor has sent me this warning on for your reference, and if you have been scammed, please let me know... 

SUBJECT: fraud 

I contacted E.Q.Markington International regarding Gov grant info.They requested 49.95 and I paid.Now every time I call # that was given their is no respones and no information that I requisted.The information that they did give is to pay another 49.95.E-mail 

Customer Full Name: willie 

UK Doubler 
Located at:

Dated - 1st March 2005

Hello all and I have just been alerted to another Possible Scam by one of these Money DOUBLER opportunities. 

But I have checked the Whois info on the domain and it is Falsified and only Criminals Falsify or put misleading info in the website registration fields, and I have contacted the webhost company listed and that is falsified also, as is not their hosting company..... 

So I would like to WARN YOU ALL To be very careful of these Money Doubler programs. 

Remember if you are tempted to join one, DON'T Invest more than you are prepared to LOSE..... 

Plus from my experience, I would NEVER Recommend any-one to join or have any-thing to do with these business's as history is showing, very few of these are legitimate, and most simply scam money from those who can least afford to lose it.... 

The safest are those that pay you first, but even with these I recommend that you regularly go to your referral url and click on your paybutton to ENSURE That it does in fact go to your payment email and that it has not been changed, as has happened to myself on numerous occasions.... 

The Sites Whois Information: 

         Ahmed Alaaraji +48.4314845 
         Al. Pilsudzkiego 2a/20 
         Warsaw,N/A,PL 33256"" 

Record last updated at 2005-02-21 12:06:24 
Record created on 2005/2/21 
Record expired on 2006/2/21 

Domain servers in listed order:  

         name:(Ahmed Alaaraji") 
        Email:( tel-- +32.4314845 
         Al. Pilsudzkiego 2a/20 
t Warsaw 


Technical Contactor: 
         name:(Ahmed Alaaraji") 
        Email:( tel-- +32.4314845 
         Al. Pilsudzkiego 2a/20 
t Warsaw 


Billing Contactor: 
        Email:( tel-- +32.4314845 
         Al. Pilsudzkiego 2a/20 
t Warsaw 


Registration Service Provider: 
        name: Hosting2nv 
        tel: +61.412858639
        fax: +61.412858639 

The above data if it was legitimate would not show numbers for a name etc so BE WARNED AND BE CAREFUL OF THESE DOUBLERS........

Located At: 

Date: 16th May 2004

Back on Tue, 06 Mar 2001 I purchased the TrafficLaunch Pro software from the above website, and it worked just fine. But recently I rebuilt a new computer and thus had to re-install the software again. 

As I was issued with an unlock code, and you have to register it online, I was unable to as the software kept giving me an error of "Internet Connection Failed - Please Try Again Later" 

So I did, and I did till finally I contacted Diane Hughes at Traffic Launch, but that took around 3 emails before I got a reply... 

I was advised to download the software again and try again. So i did but the software is a later version and the code was unsuitable, so I contacted her again... 

She advised me that that software was VERY OLD and not supported and I would have to pay for an upgrade to be able to use the software.... Great Support they give their customers. 

But I am happy with the very old software and it used to work just fine until they changed their server settings which locks out the older software from registering and thus operating... 

So be warned if you are purchase this software, you may end up in the same situation in 2-1/2 years time, having to pay again for software that works.... 

Email2Rewards :   Located At:

Date:  21st February 2004

WARNING about Email2Rewards!! 

Hi Members: 

If you are a member of the Paid-To-Read Email Program Email2Rewards, I have some information I'd like to share with you. 

I am not one to speak badly of other program owners normally, but something has happened that I feel you deserve to know about. 

I "was" a GOLD member of Email2Rewards and had been since they opened. I had worked very hard promoting this program and managed to build a very nice downline of 1,506. 

I reached my first payout of $75 and I WAS paid within a matter of days. Then,  I reached and requested my 2nd Payout of $75 on 01/02/04  and was never paid (after more than 45 days), 3rd Payout of $75 on 01/26/04 and my 4th Payout of $75 on 02/19/04. (none of which has been paid to me) 

After making a copy of my account I attempted to contact Tom through his contact form on the web site on 02/19/04 to find out just how far behind in payments he is and when he was expecting to start making payouts. Of course, there was NO response whatsoever and to my surprise when I went back later to login to my account, I could not!! Tom deliberately changed the information in my account so I could NOT login!!

Thinking that it was "possible" that I was the only one that this has happened to, I went and posted a short note at the Get Paid Forum and asked if anyone else had a problem with their account missing or with getting paid at Email2Rewards. Imagine my surprise today when I went and read where I am definitely NOT the only person Tom has done something like this to. 

I am giving you a paid link if you would like to go and read this post I found today at the Get Paid Forum. You will also find the link to my original post within this discussion. 

We have never refused to advertise any program on Heavenly Email. (So long as they were not against our Terms of Service) But, from this day forth we will NOT allow any type of advertising for Email2Rewards!!!!!  I'm sure after you read these posts you will understand why we have come to this decision. 

If you are a webmaster/webmistress that would like to reprint this to send to your members, you have my permission to do so. If you are simply a member of Email2Rewards and feel you have anything to comment on, I'm sure they would welcome your comments at the Get Paid Forum.

Kind Regards, 
Mrs. EJ Belcher :   Located At 

Date:  18th Sept 2003

The following site has been found to be "Fraud." Apparently he purchased an Ad from and has failed to pay for the advertising. 

Later PayPal notified them of the fraud activity. 

They  allowed more than 30 days for the advertiser to let them know how or if he can arrange for the payment owed. 

They wrote to him 6 times and only got 1 reply and no other relply as if he will arrange for payment or not. They did let him know that we can arrange it, but he never wrote us back. 


PAYS2INFINITY:   Located At 
Owner: Mike Tomasello  from MDTmarketing@ 

Date:  12th July 2003

Pays2Infinity is ripping off the public big time.

We have been alerted that this program is ripping it's members off... 

This program started some-where around the 6th June 2003 and if you joined this program before the 4th july 2003 you paid US$100, now the owner has changed that to $17 and those members have instantly lost $83 from their original investment...... 

If you are a member, then I would recommend that you login to your members area and check both your PayPal and Stormapay email details, As I have been told that there is a fault when you change them, that the changes are not saved.. 

Also go and click on the two payment buttons on your assigned affiliate Webpage and see who really is getting paid, and keep an eye on them regularly!!! 

The Owner Mike is collecting the US$17 Weekly/Monthly Subscriptions while you get a once off US$17 payment... 

You are making him quite a wealthy man, and he really must love you for all the advertising and hard work that you are doing... 

So go and check out your Pays2Infinity business website and good luck to you all... 

Our mission is to empower seniors against ageism by making handy the information they need to keep controlling their own lives.  Our team works to incorporate market research with senior needs.  We want technology to be accessible, we want social calendars to be bustling, and we want everyone to have access to the medical attention and other resources they need.  We want younger generations to see that they can help dismantle ageism.  We donít want there to be any victims.  We want to impact the elderly so that they can keep impacting the world.

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If you know of any Affiliate business that is ripping people off, then we would love to hear from you, and help to clean out these business's that are profiteering from the nieve public, my many thanks to you all... 

Send full details to:  Contact Us


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