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Before an administrator will Approve your website, you must place our banner on your website where it will receive views from your visitors, preferably on your main Index Page.

Please do not simply add it to a Blank page that is not part of your website, as the whole idea is to share Free Traffic between yours and the Affiliate Directory.

Right click our banner graphic below and save it to your computer. Also copy the url that you will use for the link back to us. Now add the graphic to your website page and add our url link to the graphics link and upload your webpage and our Banner graphic to your website and test that it works ok...

Now write down the url to your webpage where you have added our banner as you will need it when you add your own link to our website later.

Our URL:

Highlight This Code and copy it to your wordprocessor.

<center><a href="https://www.joolrod.com/affdir" target="_new">
<img SRC="https://www.YOUR_WEBSITE_HERE.com/banner.gif" NOSAVE height=70 width=160></a></center>

Simply replace the https://www.YOUR_WEBSITE_HERE.com/ with your website url and the paths to the our banner.gif graphic on your website and insert the code into your webpage...

NOTE: You may only add one link per URL website, no submitting two or more links for the one business!

* If you have more than one Business Link at the same URL Then for each link submission that you make, you MUST Add Our Banner to a New Page of your website for each one, as it's only fair for both of us. So if you submit one link then our banner appears on 1 Page and if you submit 2 links then our banner is on 2 pages of your website and so on..

Once you have Added our Affiliate Service Directory Banner Graphic and link-back url to your website, click here to submit your link to our Affiliate Directory!

The Affiliate Service Directory is a community of unselfish webmasters who are enjoying being a part of our directory. They not Only enjoy the traffic benefits from this business, they also assist in the success of this Affiliate Directory by showing our banner on their website. It is a trusted partnership where their honesty and respect for others is paramount and selfish single minded attitudes are not welcomed. And as the traffic explodes here, members traffic to their website also increases which means we all prosper into the future.

* If you are unable to or do not want to add our banner to your website, but want to enjoy increased traffic to your website then why not consider the paid advertising banner options that are available by clicking here.

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