WAECO CR-110 Refrigerator
Last Updated:  1st November 2013

Back in November 2012, I purchased a Waeco CR-110 12v/240v refrigerator for our caravan. 

Well to keep this warning short, ever since then it looses water (Defrosts by itself i think) and recently we found that some slices of chicken that were not frozen in the freezer section..

As it's now July 2013 and i am now starting to get tired of this and it's now time to contact A1 Caravans in S.A to find out what the problem is.

But today i read in the instruction manual and on the internet that it's operating temperature is +18degC to +43degC. Well here in australia the temps generally get down to +6degC or less.

So here is the problem, the Waeco Fridge is not designed for Australian Weather and shuts down when the temp goes below +18degC or i believe below +16degC.

This goes for all the CR range of fridges and you would need to check the operating temp of the other Waeco fridges and see if it's a high temp.

SO BE WARNED, WAECO Fridges and ANY Fridge for that matter that has an Operating Temp which does not go down to 0degC at least you need to be aware it will only operate above the min operating temp.

So this Waeco fridge is a load of RUBBISH and is a waste of money as it simply will not operate when the day or night temp falls below +18degC.

Now before buying a refrigerator/freezer check it's operating temperature and make sure it is at least 0degC or there abouts and not the rediculous +18degC

Waeco Problem Solution: I have now taken our Waeco refrigerator for warranty service and have been told that it needs a WINTER KIT, which I was told by the mechanic would cost Me $120.00. 

I was not happy as this is a new fridge and has clearly go a design fault so why should I now have to pay for it. Well when it was ready they actually waivered the $120.00 fee but now I have a switch fitted inside the refrigerator which turns on a very small heater in the thermostat so as to keep it warm and make it work in less than 18degC days. 

So when it looks like being cold or below 18degC I turn this switch on, what an absolute pain. But you can leave the switch on but it will draw extra power although very small, more power all the same and wear out the heater sooner also then the refrig will start defrosting again when it gets cold.

I was also told by the dometic service center that well most people Don't travel during winter so this problem is not much of a problem.

Great so Waeco sell these refrigerators in Australia and the world where the min temp drops below +18 deg knowing full well there will be problems with them and their solution is a WINTER KIT to make the thermostat of the refrigerator work.

YOU BE THE JUDGE and be Warned on these Waeco Fridges and for that matter any fridge who's specifications shows that the operating temperatures are outside your country's weather temperatures.

Regards Rodney

If you know of any product that is clearly faulty and the manufacturer is still selling it, and i can easily verify what you say then we would love to hear from you, and help to warn others about these products and to shame the manufacturers for selling faulty products... 

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