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Have you been Scammed? Almost got Scammed? Seen a website that you believe is an obvious scam? Warn Every-one here!!
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Post by admin257 » Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:34 pm

Located At: http://itsmyfranchise.com/chacar633, http://universalwebserver.com/chacar633 , http://homeincomeportal.com/chacar633 , http://nehoma.com/chacar633 and other url's...

The Home Income Portal has been around for some years now and was
originally started under the name of The Worlds Largest Business
Franchise and it's main platform was A Huge Paypal Safelist.

Back then i also was a fool who paid around $45 per month to own one of
these franchises, and i believed then as many thousands of others that
this was the ultimate business venture, but after months of advertising and
paying out my monthly fee, no sales were forthcoming..

So i cancelled my franchise in disgust... Then many months later i again
thought that i would try it again as i had a lot more advertising resources.

Also they introduced franchises safelists whereby the franchise owners
could create unlimited safelists, which is some-thing i have always wanted
to do, so i created 10 new safelists...

But then for some reason i decided to test these safelists, as i am a
suspicious person, and to my amazement, they were all duds, that is, they
were NOT sending any emails..

So this was clearly a scam part of their business and the franchise owners
were unknowingly being a part of their scam business... So again i
cancelled my subscription with them..

But i have had many people contacting me about them that i have decided
it's time to warn as many people as i can about this fake business in an
attempt to stop others from wasting their money on this also...

So be warned about the Home Business Portal, you may find as i and
many others, you will be wasting your hard earned cash by subscribing to
this business....


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