Recently i have been contacted and asked if i could add some content for teen safety, well this page is the result of Tessa and teen safety should be in everyones minds with the way that the world is today. I hope that every-one finds this info supplied below useful.

Tessa's main Teen Safety Website:

Updates are Forever: Talking with Teens About Social Media

 The Essential Teen Internet Safety Guide

 The Teen Years: How Parents Can Grant Their Teenager Privacy While Overseeing Their Well-Being at Home

 Protecting Your Teen's Data and Privacy in High School

 Bullying Prevention Strategies and Resources for Parents

 Good Kids, Great Choices: How Your Home and Neighborhood Can Impact Your Teen's Decisions

 Protecting Children's Privacy Online - A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators

 Is Your Home an Accomplice for Your Rebellious Teen?


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