Completely Free Software A fabulous selection of completely FREE Windows 16- and 32-bit & DOS software—tested, reviewed and rated.
Funduc Software Freeware by Funduc Software. Decode/Encode DLLs, Decode Explorer Shell Extension, Hexview, and INI to...
Drivers Guide The Driver Guide, with the help of thousands of members, have compiled a database of drivers and resources that is free, just sign up.
Free Vault Your complete free stuff directory. Not just freeware, a veritable cornucopia of free stuff. It's all free.
Freeware95 They surf the Net looking for quality free software to add to the link archive for your convenience.
SuperShareware our source for Freeware and Shareware. If you are searching for free software you cannot site. Reviews, download list, search engine and many..
Only Freeware Only freeware - for Win 95/98. No shareware. Large selection organized by
JAM Software Download Windows Freeware from Jam Software: TreeSize, Disketten-Überweisung, Excel2LaTeX
A1B2C3 Freeware A few hundred good freeware programs, some free services, and a page of links.
Absolutely Freebies: Free stuff guide for webmasters and general net surfers. Including webspace, screensaver, freeware, greeting cards, sweepstakes, clipart and more.

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