Hello and thanks for your interest in learning about Bad Blasters and safelists...

If you are using any Blaster that has & in the url to that blaster then you are using a No Email Sending Blaster/Safelist and are thus wasting your time in posting adverts there, and worse if you have paid for your membership...

There are a lot of FREE Blasters out there and these NEVER Send any emails and are only used by the owner to sell Popunder Windows to other marketeers and are of No Use if you want your adverts sent out...

It Is Well known Just How Effective sending true Optin-Email to email lists are, and Don't be fooled by any-one who tells you differently, as Optin Email Sending Safelists and any other True Optin Email service that Sends Your Adverts to their email lists is truely worthwhile.

But Please Note, This is NOT Every Blaster on this network but only the Blaster Names that I know of and there Would be Many More operated but Not Listed Below.

If you know of others that belong to this network that are not sending members emails, then please let me know and I will add them here so as to warn other marketers..

Also I suspect Strongly that this Network of Fake Blasters is Associated with Mathew Wells and his buddies, but still have to verify this shortly..

Some Not All SUBMITMAGIC Fake Blasters & Services.

NOTE: I Have Not Provided The Complete URL To The Most Of The Send Pages Below not to provide them with free traffic etc...

AdGator -
AdvertLand -
Advert Submission -
Ad Wave -
All American Mailer -
American Pride Ad System -

Bare Bones Blaster -
Bernies Mailer -
Big Blast -
Big Bucks Blaster -
Big Money Mailer -
Big News Blaster -
Big Sale Blaster -
Big Time Blaster -
Bizop Blaster -
Black Derby Blaster -
Blast King -
Blast-O-Rama -
Blaster Circus -
Blast Away -
Bobbys Big Blaster -

Cash Crusaders -
Cash Generator -
Cash Hounds -
Cash Machine -
Cool Mailer -

Duke's Super Cool Mailer -
Dyno Mailer -

eCommerce Builder -
eMail Inc -
Emailer -
eShopper -

Fast Blast -

Global Distribution -

Happy Blaster -
Heathers Hot Mailer -
Holy Cow -
Home Run Blaster -

Internet Cash Machine -
iSalesMan -

Koolcat Blaster -

Magic Mailer -
Magnum Mailer -
Mailbox Marauder -
Mail Jungle -
Mail Mobster -
Mail Zoom -
Marketers Best -
Marks Mega Mass Mailer -
Marias Mass Mailer -
Marketing Master -
Maxi Mailer -
Matuszewskis Mailer -
Mech Mailer -
Mega Huge Mailer -
Mega Traffic Mass Mailer -
Merry Mailer -
Metro Mail -
Money Time Mailer -
Monster Mailer -
Moo Moo Mailer -
Muscle Mailer -

Next Generation -
Nuclear Blast -

One Star Mailer -
Oppies -

Power Hits -
Power Mailer -
Power User -

Responsive Ad System -
Responsive Plus -
Road To Success -
Rockin Submitter -
Running Free Ad -

Senior Submitter -
Sharky's Submitter -
Spam Free Marketing -
Speedy -
Speedy Server -
Spots Super Submitter -
Star Submit -
Sunshine Submit -
Super Duper Traffic -
Super 6 Submitter -
Super Sale Blaster -
Super Submit -
Super Submitter -

Targeted Traffic -
The Gilf Mailer -
Traffic Man -

Wa Wa Blaster -
We Drive More Traffic -
Welcome To My Blaster -
Word Of Mouth Mailer -
Work From Home -
World Blast -
Worldwide Submitter -

Ying Yang Mailer -

Zetabot -



If you would like to tell us of any other blasters or hosts that either Do Or Do Not send their members emails as they Advertise, then send us the link and we will have a look and if we can verify your claim, then we will list them here for our customers reference...

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