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C-Language Programming Links

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Code Exchange Free Software / Open Source - Development... 
zdnet.com C & C++ Programming
FilePile Over 1,000,000 Free Files
Windows Sources Australia C/C++, Delphi, Director & Visual Basic Source codes & More
Graph  code AISearch is graph code for a variety of intelligent search  algorithms.
Addison  Wesley Computing and Engineering Group AW is a major publisher of computing texts, and this site  has several download files.
Available  C++ Libraries FAQ This site has links to many excellent C++ sites, with good  descriptions of each.
acm  Collected Algorithms A variety of excellent algorithms for many problems.
 Numerical  Recipes in C++
Data  Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ by MA Weiss Supplemental files, has the code for all the figures in the  text.
Borland  Online Corporate web page, has information about Borland products.
C++  Annotations C and C++ course guides from ICCE, State Univ. of Groningen,  NL
Learn  C/C++ Today C and C++ tutorials.
Miscellaneous  code Code for various problems.
From  the Ground Up: Tutorial for learning C++.
Object-Oriented  System Development Online book on OO systems.
Firewall  Foundation Classes Freely available C++ class library designed to assist in the  construction of safe internet gateways, clients and services.
C/C++  Developer Resources  web is an annotated set of links to a number of  useful resources for C/C++ developers.
eg3.com C/C++ Resources And Links
Excite Question & Answers And C Code A Month

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